March 3, 2009

Medela: Swing

Medela Swing juga bagus sebab ia boleh merangsang breast untuk mengeluarkan susu (letdown). Tapi dah alang-alang nak beli, better beli PISA terus. PISA juga ada rangsangan untuk mengeluarkan susu (letdown).

Swing™ with 2-Phase Expression®

A mother’s best choice!
Swing has 2-Phase Expression which imitates the baby’s natural sucking rhythm and is therefore comfortable and efficient. The innovative technology is based on state-of-the-art research and brings the breastfeeding mother all-round comfort and convenience.
  • Proven to feel most like a baby
  • Proven to get more milk in less time
  • Proven to achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow

How do babies nurse?
Studies have shown that babies nurse in two phases: Initially, they suckle fast and light to stimulate the milk ejection reflex and to start the milk flowing. Then, they switch to a slower and deeper suck to get as much milk as quickly as possible.

What is 2-Phase Expression®?
It is the only research based breastpump technology to mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythm. First rapid stimulation, then slower expression.

More details

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Small and gentle, but quietly strong!

Mother's milk is the best nutrition for babies. Swing gives mother and baby optimal support
during the breastfeeding period.
It makes breastfeeding fun!

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