October 13, 2014

Hari Telur Sedunia

Nak share kebaikan dan khasiat telur, sempena Hari Telur Sedunia.
Untuk para peminat kucing dan peminat tanaman pokok-pokok boleh praktikkan petua kat bawah ini.

Infonya ada DISINI: & copy paste seperti dibawah ini untuk senang nak membacanya:

Happy World Egg Day: 11 Amazing Ways Eggs Can Improve Your Life
Here are the uses for eggs you need to try out:

1. Shampoo
Washing your hair with eggs will make it super shiny and elastic, and is the best way to condition dry hair. Much cheaper than any other conditioning treatment, all you need to do is wisk up an egg yolk with a little honey, lemon juice and olive oil and smother your hair with it for 10 minutes or longer. When you rinse it out your hair with be beaut.

2. Glue
Egg whites are sticky as they dry and are ideal if you've got no glue in the house (because how many times have you needed glue and there's no glue in the house. It's not superglue mind, so stick to paper and card - ideal for a non-toxic glue for children's art projects.

 3. Healthy plants
When you boil your eggs don't throw away the water. Let it cool down and water your plants with it. Eggshells are high in calcium, which plants love, and the added nutrients will keep them strong and healthy.

 4. Compost
Eggshells decompose in compost and give it an added calcium boost. Wash them out first to avoid attracting animals and crush to speed up the composting process. This type of soil is perfect to grow squashes and tomatoes.

5. Snail and slug killer
Keep slugs and snails off your garden, steps and even indoors by scattering crushed egg shells that irritate their slimy feet.

6. Face masks
Nutrient-packed eggs aren't just healthy to eat, they're great for you on the outside too. To banish blemishes without drying out the skin, whisk up a couple of egg yolks and spread over your face for a few mintes. To tighten the skin and pores, reduce oiliness and get rid of blackheads you need the white. Apply in the same way.

7. Make coffee taste betterIf your coffee's too bitter, try crushing an eggshell to powder and mix it into your cup of joe. It's an alkaline compound, while coffee is acidic so it will mellow out the flavour of cheap-o coffee.

8. Cake decorating
Eggs can be used to make edible paint that you can use to decorate cakes and biscuits. Mix one egg white with about a tablespoon of water and add your chosen food colourings. Then paint away!

9. Train your cat
Fed up of your cat walking all over the surfaces and falling asleep on the kitchen table (just ours?)? Cats hate the feel of crushed eggshells on their soft paw pads so careful sprinking will soon teach your kitty to avoid the areas you don't want her paws on.

10. They're really good for you
There's loads of things you can do with the shells but don't be throwing away the eggs themselves. They're a good source of protein as well as several of the B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium and zinc (and a few others) as well as choline, a nutrient many of us don't get enough of.

11. Shoe cleaner
Egg white is a good leather cleaner so it's perfect for shoes, boots, bags... and any other leather products. Rub it on with a damp cloth and wipe clean and it'll leave a lovely shine.


Normala Saad said...

Lah Mizza..ada juga ke hari telur sedunia...tak tahu pun. Thank you for sharing..apa2 pun telur memang 'lauk' yang sentiasa ada di dapur..terima kasih telur!

AMIIZAA said...

Kak Mala: Jgn lupa tau praktikkan no. 3 & 4 utk tanaman kita:):)

Ahmad Zu Mal Md Rayi said...

Wah, tak sangka ada hari telur sedunia ^_^

LYAfrina said...

eyhh.. hari telur sedunia pn ade... hwehe

anajingga said...

ada juga hari telur sedunia ye AMIIZAA, baru kak ana tahu hehe..:)

monalita mansor said...

hahaha...selamat hari telur sedunia Mizaa...(senyum sipu2)

Min Aina Ila Aina said...

Macam-macam sambutan 'hari' sekarang ni kan...


insan marhaen said...

Maaf sebab hampir ketawa sebab tadi baru saja baca Hari Rabies Sedunia kat blog Bunda...(http://norazis2908.blogspot.com/2014/10/apa-itu-hari-rabies-sedunia.html).

Kemudian ada Hari Telur Sedunia pula..

Kut mana pun telor dadar kosong memang kegemaran IM walaupun ramai orang kata telur banyak kolestrol..

Tapi IM selalu beli telor yang ada Omega 3. Ok ke telur macam tu?

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Alamak terlepas lak hari telor sedunia semalam kan kakmieja

ComelComot said...

tengah gigih berdiet Atkin ni. mmg makan telur lah jawabnya.. pagi ni breakfast ngn 2 biji telur rebus,,hu=ihihi

sud@is said...

Tq info, sebelum ni dok tuang ja air rebus teloq, lepas ni semua untuk pokok kulit dan air....

AMIIZAA said...

Zumal/Lyana/Kak Ana Jingga:
Tulahkan...khasiatnya tu yg best banyak hingga kekulit:):)

Kak Mona: napa senyum simpul? hikssss....

Min Aina: Bulan nie ada macam2 hari sedunia :)

IM: telor omega 3 tu paling bagus sekali tapi mahal sket :)

Azah: aahhhh betul

Comel: awak dah slim...cantik sangat :):)

Sud@ais: aaahhh khasiatnya utk pokok2 tu bestkan....:)

Sha Nikitasakura said...

Byk kegunaan telur ni selain drpd goreng buat lauk..bagus info ni..